PI Server Applications

Source: OSI Software, Inc.
PI Server Applications handle the collection, storage, and retrieval of numerical and string data
OSI Software, Inc.nformation (PI) System is a set of software modules for plant-wide monitoring and analysis. The PI Server Applications are the foundation of this system. They handle the collection, storage, and retrieval of numerical and string data. They also act as a data server for Microsoft Windows-based client applications that operators, engineers, managers, and other plant personnel use to view the plant data stored in the PI Data Archive. A typical system consists of multiple computers running various software modules that work together with the PI Server Applications. A popular option is to use the PI-API and PINet/VMS to implement a distributed data collection architecture.

The PI Server Applications are installed on a network node called the PI Home Node. The PI Server Applications include:

  • Core Subsystems
  • PI-Data Archive
  • Point Database Subsystem
  • Update Manager Subsystem
  • Snapshot Subsystem
  • Subroutines such as data compression and security
  • PI-Network Manager
  • Performance Equations Scheduler (calculation module)
  • Totalizer Subsystem
  • PI-Batch Subsystem
  • PI-SQL Subsystem.
  • PI-Alarm Server
  • PI-ODBC Server
  • PI-SMT (System Management Tools)
  • PI-TagConfigurator
  • PI-Health Check

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