Piezo Tip/Tilt Platform: S-335

PI - S-335 product

Piezo flexure tip/tilt platforms provide fast response, high resolution and stability - ideal prerequisites for fast steering mirror applications (FSM) and dynamic operation in scanning, tracking and image stabilizing.

Since piezo motion is based on solid-state effects, piezo-driven systems, and scanners can offer greater acceleration and dynamic bandwidth than other drive techniques.

Key Features

  • Tip/tilt angle to 35 mrad, high optical deflection angle to 70 mrad (4°)
  • Resonant frequencies to 0.7 kHz (1" mirror) for dynamic motion and fast step-and-settle
  • Parallel-kinematic design: Two orthogonal tip/tilt axes with one common pivot point
  • Strain sensors for high linearity
  • Different versions available: Without mirror, ½" mirror, 1" mirror