PlantSpace SupportModeler

Source: Bentley Systems, Inc.
PlantSpace SupportModeler is an application used to model pipe supports
  • Solid Integration - SupportModeler works well with either PlantSpace Design Series or Intergraph PDS. Your support engineers and designers can work alongside the rest of the disciplines, rather than starting the design downstream.

  • Enhanced Visual Design - SupportModeler is very easy to use. Unlike many other systems, SupportModeler lets you see results at every stage of the modeling process.

  • Automatic Fabrication Drawings - SupportModeler brings the goal of pre-assembled and preinstalled pipe supports one step closer with automatic, individual fabrication drawings.

  • Save man hours by combining modeling, material take-offs, and fabrication drawings into a single visually-based operation.

  • Improve accuracy with automatic MTO, direct reference to the 3D model, and specification-driven design.

  • Shorten schedule by working alongside piping design. Provide the field with timely drawings to allow pre-fabrication and installation.

  • Ramp up quickly with extensive delivered libraries that contain hundreds of customizable components and assemblies. Grinnell, Lisega, structural steel and utility libraries allow you to model any configuration of custom or engineered support.

PlantSpace SupportModeler is an application used to model pipe supports. SupportModeler uses any combination of catalog components, steel sections, assemblies, and welds as defined in the delivered, user-customizable libraries. All supports are modeled in detail in 3D and are fully parametric, with built-in rules, error checking, and compatibility checking. PlantSpace SupportModeler is available in modules for both PlantSpace and PDS models.

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