Plastic Random Packings

Source: Jaeger Products, Inc.
Our plastic random packings consist of several items:
Our plastic random packings consist of several items: Jaeger Tri-Packs, Rings & Saddles, Jaeger Bio-Ring, Jaeger Cascade Mini-Rings, & Jaeger Cascade Bio-Ring.

Our Jaeger Tri-Packs-PP was the first plastic performance packing to be certified to NSF standard 61 for use in potable water applications. They are used in most mass transfer applications primarily scrubbing, air stripping, and distillation. They also work well in mist elimination, biological treatment, and cooling tower applications.

Jaeger Rings and Saddles are conventional shaped packings that offer an economic choice when performance is not the key issue. Rings & saddles have been in use for many years.

Jaeger Bio-Ring has a specific design features for use in biological applications. They replace existing rock bed aerobic trickling filters, and offer increased capacity and efficiency to waste water treatment.

Jaeger Cascade Mini-Rings have a low aspect (height/diameter) ratio of 0.3 compared to 1.0 for standard cylindrical ring packings, which allows an increased hydraulic capacity while main-taining a low pressure drop.

Cascade Bio-Ring is designed for use in larger towers. This design is the standard for random packing used in trickling filters.

Most of our packings are available in a variety of injection moldable plastics to match most any application.

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