poseidon® DAF/DNF Units

Source: SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions

The poseidon® DAF / DNF units feature a unique design that provides cost-effective water treatment with the achievement of a high contaminants removal rate with maximum operational flexibility. In addition, reliability is a key resulting in ease of operation and low maintenance.

Poseidon® offers DAF units in two basic models: horizontal rectangular PPM® model and vertical Saturn™ model configurations to suit particular site requirements.

Stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials used for construction along with a design which uses very few moving parts, none under water level, as well as the use of exclusive chainless float/ sludge scraping removal systems, all contribute to a reliable operation and minimal maintenance. Different stainless steel grades such as 304L, 316L and Duplex 2205 are used to fit to process needs.

The efficiency of the Poseidon recirculation system is attributed to our worldwide Patented PoseïPump which ensures fine air dispersion into the recirculated water and builds a proper pressure to allow for flotation gas dissolution and saturation. The use of intermediate capture separation surfaces allows for highly efficient DAF units and for very compact installed footprints.