PP Lining-material Characteristics

Source: JPS Elastomerics Corporation

PP Lining-material Characteristics
Everything you want to know about the physical properties of polypropylene lining material...
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Everything you want to know about the physical properties of polypropylene lining material is answered in these 10 product-description sheets. All are two-color; all but one are two pages. All begin by introducing the relevance of the topic covered in the sheet to the successful use of liners. Their narrative continues with the importance of obtaining and/or checking the topical material property. The topics covered are: Cold Temperature Performance; Chemical Resistance; Thermal Seamability and Repairability [sic]; QC Seam Testing for Polypropylene Geomembranes; Direct Shear/Interface Friction; Ultraviolet Resistance; Dimensional Stability During Extreme Temperature Changes; Site Conformance During Settlement or Subsidence; Subgrade Performance Puncture Resistance; and Environmental Stress Crack Resistance. Most of the description sheets comprise performance data comparing propylene with competitive materials.

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