Process Inventory Management System

Process Inventory Management System
This field-mounted remote process inventory management system simply and accurately monitors tanks and
N/Aield-mounted remote process inventory management system simply and accurately monitors tanks and distributed inventory. The stand-alone Barton DataScan has a local display, a built-in precision multi-variable transducer, and supports remote desktop PC-based indication, control, and polling from multiple locations. DataScan is a comprehensive hardware/software solution for real-time distributed inventory management of gases and chemicals.

The DataScan system is designed around an RTU with output via Modbus, phone, cellular and radio with battery, and AC/DC power. Accurate to ±0.1% of full scale, the unit measures level and pressure simultaneously using an integrated proprietary DPE dual-pressure microsensor. The RTU also accepts six 4-20mA analog inputs from additional measurement sensors. The system has nine digital inputs and supports two analog and four relay control outputs.

Using Barton's Windows-based software, the system allows the simple collection and distribution of data through a computer network to accounting, scheduling, operations, and other departments. Inventories that were once collected manually can be completed in seconds and the results used instantly. Among its features, the DataScan RTU has an 8-bit FLASH memory, which allows remote reprogramming or configuration, programmable alarms, data logging and volume calculations. The unit also features a NEMA 4/IP65 enclosure and two LCD displays for local indication of tank measurements. System options include battery backup, cellular or radio communications, and/or contact closure outputs. Also available in the DataScan system are remote level and pressure sensor units with either blind or LCD indication and 4-20mA analog outputs.

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