PuraBead® HF Ion Exchange Adsorbents

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Adsorbents designed for capture, intermediate purification and polishing steps - engineered for use in demanding process applications.

Ion exchange (IEX) chromatography is used to separate proteins based on their net charge at a particular pH. A protein is positively charged when the pH is below the pI of the protein and is negatively charged when the pH is above the pI of the protein.

Astrea Bioseparations has developed four high performance anion & cation exchange adsorbents which have broad applicability: DEAE PuraBead® HF (weak anion exchanger); Q PuraBead® HF (strong anion exchanger); CM PuraBead® HF (weak cation exchanger) and SP PuraBead® HF (strong cation exchanger).

Key Features

  • Uniform particle size
  • Excellent flow properties (up to 600 cm/hr; up to 1 bar)
  • Good resolution & high binding capacities
  • Cost effective & reliable
  • Easy to clean (robust, long life adsorbents)
  • Stable in all commonly used buffers and solutions