News | November 7, 2003

VideoRay Co-Founder Bob Christ Now For-Hire to Get Results from VideoRay ROVs, in Any Situation

Exton, PA, November 7, 2003 -- VideoRay announced today the spin-off of an ROV field missions and training company called SeaTrepid. Bob Christ, who co-founded VideoRay and has been its field missions expert, will head the new company. Christ has helped many organizations make the most of VideoRay in the field, including National Geographic, the US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Customs, Swedish Navy, Discovery Channel, National Parks, and a host of other governmental and commercial organizations.
"SeaTrepid was founded to help our customers reach new levels of proficiency with VideoRays and expose them to the accessories that will make their underwater projects more successful," says Christ, CEO and founder of SeaTrepid. "SeaTrepid's field services will ensure people get great results from their VideoRay ROVs, in any situation."
"Bob is unquestionably the best VideoRay operator, and our customers always sought him out to work with them on their most challenging assignments," says Scott Bentley, president of VideoRay. "SeaTrepid will be available to meet training and operational needs for both our customers."

About SeaTrepid
With the functionality of some work-class ROV systems, SeaTrepid uses VideoRay ROVs to boost the success of any underwater project. Visit on the web soon for more company details. Contact Bob Christ at +1(610)469-1730 or by e-mail at - or see SeaTrepid on the web at

About VideoRay
Hundreds of the 8-pound VideoRay ROVs are used around the world as a companion for and alternate to divers for homeland security; inspecting ships and piers, moorings, dams, and water tanks; surveying for oil platforms; researching submerged structures and sea life; and much more. Visit us at to see all the places VideoRay goes, along with our pricing and product line.
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