Rupture Disks

Source: BS&B Safety Systems, Inc.
BS&B Safety Systems's rupture disk, which can be installed in new or existing pressure vessels equipment, provides full-bore...
BS&B Safety Systems, Inc.> Eco-Saf rupture disk, which can be installed in new or existing pressure vessel equipment, provides full-bore overpressure relief without fragmentation. The disk uses a reverse acting design that relieves set pressures as low as 1psig.

Conventional composite rupture disks are typically available for low burst pressures but in much larger sizes. The ECO-SAF range comes in sizes that range from 1 in. to 24 in. There is a two-way acting design that provides overpressure and vacuum relief from one rupture disk.

The Eco-Saf rupture disk is available in Nickel, Iconel Alloy 600, 316SS Monel Alloy 400 Hastelloy Alloy C-276 and Tantalum. The disk is installed with its convex side facing the process pressure. Excess pressure causes a snap reversal of the disk's dome which opens along its perimeter to give a full bore opening. A combination of compression, flexure and tension failure makes for more accurate pressure relief than is possible with conventional disks that rupture under tension alone.

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