News | November 12, 2009

Shell Global Solutions And Merichem Form An Alliance To Offer Merichem's Technologies For Treating Hydrocarbon Streams

Source: Merichem Company

Houston, TX - Shell Global Solutions US Inc. and Merichem Company (Merichem) have formed an alliance to allow Shell Global Solutions to market and license Merichem's technologies for treating hydrocarbon streams in combination with its own technologies to customers worldwide. The Merichem technologies are designed to remove mercaptans, carbonyl sulphide and other contaminants from hydrocarbon streams.

Refineries will now be able to benefit from a one stop shop to utilise these liquid hydrocarbon treating technologies. This alliance enhances the bundled offering opportunities for Merichem and Shell Global Solutions to offer:

  • REGEN®

Merichem, through its wholly owned subsidiary Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services LLC (MCRS), provides the management of caustic streams ranging from technology for on-site treatment to the purchase and beneficial reuse of the caustic streams; development, engineering, fabrication and licensing of innovative technologies for the removal of hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans and other impurities from hydrocarbon streams; and the production of catalysts for treating processes and naphthenic chemicals for a variety of industries.

Tom Varadi, MCRS's Vice President and General Manager, said: "We are pleased to align with Shell Global Solutions, as Merichem's liquid hydrocarbon treating technologies combine well to create complete solutions reinforced by Shell's customer service coverage."

Pervaiz Nasir, Shell Global Solutions' Manager for Gas and Liquid Treating Technologies in the Americas, said: "Merichem has an innovative technology mix that complements our own technology portfolio. The combination of Merichem's technologies with those already offered by Shell Global Solutions strengthens the credibility of this alliance and ensures our customers receive best in class solutions."

About Shell Global Solutions
Shell Global Solutions provides business and operational consultancy, catalysts, technical services and research and development expertise to the energy and processing industries worldwide. Shell Global Solutions has approximately 5000 staff located in an extensive network of offices around the world, with primary commercial and technical centres operating in the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Shell Global Solutions supports the Shell group's business activities in downstream manufacturing, downstream marketing, gas & LNG, production and project management. Outside of the Shell group, the company successfully services refining, chemicals, gas, metals, pulp and paper and motor-sport customers worldwide.

About Merichem Company
Merichem Company, through its subsidiary Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services LLC, is a leading provider of process technologies and related engineering and process equipment to remove sulfur and other impurities from hydrocarbon liquids and gases in the downstream and upstream energy sectors.

For over 60 years, Merichem has provided hydrocarbon treating solutions and by-product management services for the refining and petrochemical industries. While it began as a domestic operator, today MCRS's products and services are offered on a worldwide basis. Recently, it has made significant sales to the upstream natural gas industry.

Merichem's core strengths are its technology base, know-how and experience in sulfur chemistry as applied to the design and supply of engineered mass transfer process systems to remove sulfur compounds, mercaptans and other impurities from both gas and liquid hydrocarbon streams.

Merichem is best known for its FiberFilm® Contactor technology ("FiberFilm®"). FiberFilm® is applied in caustic-treating systems to remove impurities from hydrocarbon streams. Merichem's LO-CAT® technology removes hydrogen sulfide to sweeten conventional and unconventional natural gas streams. MCRS also provides services and activities to achieve beneficial reuse of spent caustic by-products from refineries and petrochemical plants; manufactures catalysts used in hydrocarbon-treating processes; and produces naphthenic acid chemicals that are sold to a variety of industries.

SOURCE: Merichem Company