Siemens' Revive™ Oily Water Membrane Systems

Source: Siemens Energy, Inc. - Water Solutions

Siemens’ Revive™ oily water membrane systems replace both filtration and flotation with a single step, eliminating the need for polymers and allowing for better oil recovery. Revive™ systems can achieve Oil & Grease and Total Suspended Solids levels of <1 mg/L, and Silt Density Index of <3.

Revive™ treatment systems are also robust enough to handle high temperature applications, and they can be used as a pre-treatment step for boiler feed water, cooling tower make-up and process water use, in addition to pre-treatment for irrigation, surface discharge or reinjection.

And while there have been concerns of cost, oil tolerance and produced water variability with using membranes in produced water treatment applications, Revive™ oily water membrane treatment systems effectively address those challenges with a five-year membrane warranty and by using flat sheet ceramic membranes in a submerged configuration.