Sieve Bends

Sieve Bends
We've solved the problem of blinding of the screen by designing and building a line of screen sieve bends using wires as narrow as 0.020"
The biggest problem in fine particle separation is usually blinding of the screen because of the very narrow slots. We've solved that problem by designing and building a line of screen sieve bends using wires as narrow as 0.020". This creates a sieve that presents more edges to the flow for superior separation efficiency. With more slots, it also has more total open area which increases the sieve's dewatering or separating capacity. As a design option, the wires can be slightly tipped backward which presents an array of even sharper edges for increased separation efficiency.

Despite the inherent design advantages of our sieve bends, some processes will tend to cause blinding or plugging problems. These can be quickly solved with vibration. In some systems, the vibration is directed to the frame that holds the screen rather than to the screen itself. In other cases, mechanical rappers apply vibration directly to the screen, The strong, rigid nature of our all-welded screen panels lets you apply this vibration vigorously and effectively.

Our sieve bends can be manufactured to any desired length, width, degree of curvature and slot opening. Screens can be made wider to increase capacity; longer to increase effectiveness.

To determine the correct size sieve assembly, you need only tell us what type of material you are dealing with, the desired dewatering rate in gpm and the percent solids.

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