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Small But Growing Biotech Manages Disclosure, Maintains Compliance, And Keeps Its Promise To Patients

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A Small but Growing Biotech, Passionate About Patients, with Disclosure Needs

A 500-employee pharmaceutical company may be considered small but this biotech, in terms of number of trials, is steadily growing. According to its senior director of clinical processes and systems, “Our pipeline is robust and healthy. We have a number of ongoing trials. If I were to put a number plus or minus five, we’re looking at about 25 today.”

He emphasizes the organization’s dedication to helping the patient. “That’s been the primary focus,” he says. “The mission pretty much speaks to the volume of what we do as a biotech pharmaceutical company, so it’s always about the patient. And that’s been the foundation of the company, that certainly is the principle and the belief of our CEO, and the culture of the company is pretty much based on that.”

While most large sponsors place a high priority on transparency, smaller sponsors are not as quick to jump on the bandwagon. This one is an exception. The director says the intent of trial disclosure is to bring awareness to patients about what the organization is doing in terms of, for example, its therapeutic areas. “By really being transparent, we’re helping the patients become aware of what we do as a company. So I think that’s really the main driver for this. That’s why I think we’re so passionate about being very, very transparent when it comes to trial disclosure and transparency.  We really want to make sure that we’re delivering on our promise to the patient.”

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