Smart Pilot Technologies

Source: Stackmatch Flare Ignition Inc.
Plasma Resonance Flame Detection, Plasma Ignition Technology, Micro Flame Front Technology
Plasma Resonance Flame Detection
  • Improved Ionization Method
  • Unaffected By Ambient Conditions
  • U.S. Patent Granted

Providing an immediate flame on or flame off indication in dirty or wet conditions is the goal of this product. Operating to establish flame recognition from the combustion event itself, a specific range of frequencies is monitored that provides for a highly reliable method of pilot flame detection. Utilizing this method provided for a marked improvement over other conventional methods.

Unaffected by external flame impingement from flares or burners, this method of detection will not provide false flame indications despite external conditions. By monitoring the variations in flame resistance within the nozzle, a "Digital Signal" is developed for processing flame relay alarm conditions. In addition, this "Digital Signal" is available should the user require a visual representation of the Pilot flame as may be monitored in a control room environment.

Plasma Ignition Technology

  • Plasma Generator
  • Plasma Probe
  • U.S. Patent Granted

The Plasma Ignition Technology is a term that refers to an ignition method utilizing industrial strength components to generate a "Plasma Arc" with enough power to permit a plasma ball to form and eject from the probe. Even when totally submerged in water this technology will eject a plasma ball into the water. Intended for use in conjunction with the "Micro Flame Front" technology, this combination provides the customer with pilot systems where ignition performance is secured.

Micro Flame Front Technology

  • Proven, Inexpensive Ignition Method
  • In Use Throughout The World
  • Simplicity With No Adjustment Requirement
  • U.S. Patent Granted

The Pilot Ignition Method has become the primary or redundant method for any Pilot ignition requirements. Eliminating the problems associated with isolators, expensive flame front lines and conventional panel or high voltage components has proven highly desirable.

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