Sophisticated Patch-Clamp Electrophysiology Data Acquisition And Analysis Software


Preconfigured protocols and custom assay workflows simplify microplate data acquisition and analysis

SoftMax® Pro Software for Windows 10 is designed to provide the simplicity, flexibility and power required for advanced data analysis. It provides ready-to-run protocols, analysis algorithms, and 21 different curve fit options.

Every step is optimized for data acquired from a Molecular Devices microplate reader or data imported from another source to simplify analysis and reporting. Compliance tools are available for regulated laboratories providing end-to-end chain of custody.

  • Simplify data measurement

    The software offers a variety of options to initiate the measurement of a microplate assay through prewritten protocols with included acquisition settings or by setting custom experiment parameters.

  • Import and analyze complex data

    Import raw data in microplate format acquired from any scientific instrument, consolidate data reduction from diverse data sources, and reduce errors with consistent data evaluation methods.

  • Publish like a pro

    The software includes tools to publish reports with flexible data output formats. Data can be viewed in a lab notebook layout, saved as a PDF file, exported to an Excel file or to XML for LIMS integration.


  • Built-in protocols

    Use over 160 protocols with preconfigured assay parameters for a wide variety of common assays including protocols for our entire suite of reagents, SpectraTest® Validation Plates, and adapter plates.

  • Advanced reader control

    Build custom assay workflow, run multitask kinetics, and pause and resume kinetic reads with the discontinuous kinetics feature.

  • Flexible calculations

    Data analysis features are available such as 21 different curve fit options, simplified cross-plate analysis and interpolation, and automatic calculations of relative potency, EC50, and Z factors.

  • Project management made easy

    Group multiple plate reads in one protocol. Display results, conditional pass/fail statements, mini graphs, and images in the notes section for easy viewing of overall project results.

  • Secure electronic record keeping

    Controlled user access is provided through a granular permission structure and unique logins with electronic signature support for verification, authorization, and approval, including audit trails.

  • Validation tools reduce cost

    Extensive suite of microplate reader validation tools can reduce the cost and time of validation by 50% when compared to using multiple platforms to collect and analyze data.

Source: Molecular Devices