Spiraltec Spiral Screen


Spiraltec is the all-in-one, shaftless cylindrical screw screen that collects, conveys, dewaters, and compresses wastewater solids. Spiraltec is a practical solution for small footprints and shallow channels.


1. All-In-One Solution
A stationary perforated plate basket at the bottom of Spiraltec retains all screened debris. A spiral screw then conveys, dewaters, compacts, and discharges the screened material into a dumpster.        

2. Easy Brush Replacement
Brushes are bolted onto the shaftless spiral to provide cleaning and particle transport. Brushes are divided into one-foot sections to allow safe and easy maintenance        

3. Pivotable
In case of maintenance, Spiraltec can pivot on its feet.         

4. In-Tank Option
Spiraltec can be built in-tank with an integrated bypass to accommodate virtually any wastewater structure. An in-tank Spiraltec installation is ideal for septage receiving station applications.        

5. Minimal Maintenance
Spray bars provide touch-free cleaning of the inside of the drum. Weekly maintenance consists only of a visual inspection of the drum and the spray bar nozzles. Nozzles are easily removed for cleaning or replacement, when necessary.         

6. Odor Control
The spiral screw and its frame are totally enclosed, providing complete odor control

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