The "BF" Single And Multiple Bag Filter Systems

Source: Kadar Filtration Service
The "BF" Single And Multiple Bag Filter Systems Offer An Economical Method Of Pressurized Liquid Filtration
The "BF" single and multiple bag filter systems offer an economical method of pressurized liquid filtration. These housings are designed for high capacity loading with flow rates up to 3,500 gpm for the purification of liquid petroleum products, coolants, cutting oils, cleaning fluids, plating solutions, domestic products, and pharmaceuticals, etc.


  • Quick opening swing bolt closures.
  • Simple and quick filter bag removal, solids are contained in the bag for easy disposal.
  • Interior of vessel contains only clean liquid after bag removal, reducing cleanup time.
  • Bag holder baskets are made from perforated 304 stainless steel.
  • Designed to meet asme code requirements
  • Various filter bag media's of standard sizes may be used that are available from many types of synthetic medias, from 5 to 100 microns.

  • Bag spreader tool used inserting new filter bags or for back flushing
  • Bag insertion tool used for inserting filter bags with snap ring tops.
  • Displacement balloon reduces the amount of unfiltered liquid in the filter bag.

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