The Helistaker

Source: Helistaker Canada Ltd.
The Helistaker
The terrain in resource rich areas can be highly unstable or inaccessible
The terrain in resource rich areas can be highly unstable or inaccessible. These conditions increase the likelihood of ground crew injuries, inaccurate GPS readings and increased program time. Under these circumstances companies incur increased costs and lower profit margins. HeliStaker™ Canada has analysed this situation and developed a method of surveying without ground crews. A device known as the HeliStaker™ is capable of surveying and staking areas too severe for traditional two man crews. Areas such as the continental divide and North of 60° have been successfully surveyed and staked using the HeliStaker™ technology.

With the assistance of a helicopter the HeliStaker™ can easily be deployed to survey and stake areas with dense forest canopies and rugged terrain. Accuracy in these treacherous environments is maintained using RTK-GPS technology. Located near the helicopter the GPS receiver remains above the tree cover hence reducing blocked and refracted satellite signals.

A substantial decrease in overall costs associated with traditional surveying methods can be realized with the HeliStaker™. It is able to execute the same amount of work in a single day as 10 survey teams and 10 to 15 chainsaw teams on the ground. This innovative approach to surveying eliminates the necessity of cutting standing timber.

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