Total Nitrogen Analyzer

Source: Antek Instruments, Inc.
The Model 9000N Total Nitrogen Analyzer offers an easy to use, cost-effective alternative for fuel oil analysis.
The Model 9000N Total Nitrogen Analyzer offers an easy to use, cost-effective alternative for fuel oil analysis. Utilizing Pyrochemiluminescence detection, the analyzer provides fast, automated analysis of total chemically-bound nitrogen. It enables wider application capabilities than the time-consuming, wet-chemical Kjeldahl method, which, developed primarily for proteinaceous nitrogen, is not suitable for some nonbiological nitrogen analyses. Nitrogen's presence during the desulfurization process potentially destroys expensive catalysts. In finished product, it leads to environmentally hazardous automobile NOx emissions.

The analyzers feature a data handling system with custom-designed, Windows-based software that provides data acquisition, analysis, and storage, as well as programming and control of the analyzer and its accessory equipment. Remote operation and real-time analysis support are available via pre-configured modem. Systems can be configured for nitrogen only, sulfur only, or simultaneous nitrogen/sulfur analyses in gas, liquid, or solid samples. They comply with ASTM D4629, D5176, D5453, D5762, and D6069.

The two primary concerns surrounding the regulation of nitrogen are the destructive impact of nitrogen on expensive catalyst during the desulfurization process and automobile NOx emissions. Quantification of total nitrogen in these samples has traditionally been accomplished by using the time-consuming, wet-chemical Kjeldahl method. In addition to being cumbersome and somewhat dangerous, the Kjeldahl method was developed primarily for proteinaceous nitrogen and has some failure in application to nonbiological nitrogen analyses.

Pyrochemiluminescence offers a safe, easy-to-use alternative to the Kjeldahl method. In addition, this fast, automated method provides a more inclusive analysis of total nitrogen. The analyzer combines the reliability of oxidative combustion with the sensitivity of chemiluminescent nitrogen detection.

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