Source: SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions

The SUEZ IDEAS Center provides treatability, piloting and R&D services that comply with today’s ever-changing environmental regulations and anticipate the complex system challenges that await tomorrow’s industrial and municipal clients. SUEZ’ state-of-the-art laboratory is staffed by renowned research and development engineers and scientists who are equipped to analyze the composition of water and wastewater samples and develop the best technical, cost-effective solutions for SUEZ clients.

Treatability studies

SUEZ’s process experts design and execute project-specific laboratory treatability studies to provide the necessary foundation and framework to solve the client’s specialized need. Typical laboratory treatability studies include:

  • Clarification / Softening
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization
  • Metals Removal
  • Silica Removal
  • Filter Media Analysis (Sieve and Residue Analysis)
  • General Microscopy
  • Specialized Microbial Analysis
  • Silt Density Index


With a fleet of over 30 field-scale pilot units of various treatment processes that are skidded mounted, in a truck trailer, or containerized and handling flows up to 350 gpm (80 m3/h), SUEZ conducts practical on-site studies for determination of process performance prior to full-scale investment. This approach has proven successful on thousands of the most difficult industrial applications worldwide and offers the client several benefits:

  • analysis of entire treatment process to find the best solution for treatment needs
  • most efficient combination of technology and products at the lowest overall cost
  • optimal design conditions for the full-scale system
  • proof of system reliability
  • regulatory approval
  • process guarantees