Trichroid Thin-Film Polarizer For Separating Polarization Of Three Wavelengths Simultaneously


LASER COMPONENTS has developed a new optics layer design that has the ability to separate the polarizations of three wavelengths simultaneously. These new trichroid thin-film polarizers can be used to combine linearly polarized laser beams from several sources, even if they have the same or different wavelengths.

The trichroid thin-film polarizer is designed for an angle of incidence at 45° and exhibits excellent reflection properties for red (640 nm), green (520 nm), and blue (450 nm) light for s-polarization, while p-polarization is almost completely transmitted. This type of polarization requires compact layers containing a low layer thickness tolerance, which is achieved with the latest technology in an ion beam sputtering (IBS) coating system. The coating material is removed from a target by an ion beam and atomized (sputtered), with the material particles containing a very high kinetic energy and very mobile when deposited on the substrate.

For more information on these types of thin-film polarizers, download the Thin-Film Polarizers Datasheet.