USF820 Data Logging Process Controller

USF820 Data Logging Process Controller provides integrated process control and monitoring...
USF820 Data Logging Process Controller provides integrated process control and monitoring. This controller delivers single and multi-loop, logic controls and data logging/trending functions in a single modular system. Designed as a comprehensive control and monitoring tool, this device services stand-alone or networked water and wastewater process control applications. Other applications include batch control systems, aeration control, chemical feed systems, pump stations, filter operation, odor control, and others.

The control package combines the 6 in. Color NEMA 4X operator interface and graphical configuration software. For installation flexibility and operation security, the control functions are independent of operator functions. The Control Builder software executes control development and configuration record keeping.

Other benefits include:

  • Data archiving up to 60 days on standard 3.5 in. floppy disk, which provides historical performance and eliminates need for paper records.
  • Control library includes specialized functions specific to water and wastewater applications
  • Intuitive operator interface minimizes training, eliminates errors and enables efficient process management.
  • Networking with dual, RS-485 serial communication ports via Modbus RTU Master and Slave protocol.
  • Modular 16 slot I/O rack supporting up to 116 electrically isolated field data points.

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