50 Watt Attenuator With 4.3/10 RF Connectors: 50FH-XXX-50-3


The 50FH-XXX-50-3 from JFW is a 50 Ohm coaxial fixed attenuator rated at 50 Watts maximum RF input power that operates DC-3000 MHz. The connector is available with dB values ranging from 1 dB to 50 dB, and the heatsink has mounting holes on both ends and on the bottom side. Mixed RF connectors, such as 4.3/10 male or N female, are made available.

Example models include:

  • 50FH-001-50-3 N (1dB fixed attenuator with N male/female)
  • 50FH-003-50-3 7/16 (3dB fixed attenuator with 7/16 male/female)
  • 50FH-010-50-3 SMA F/F (10dB fixed attenuator with SMA female/female)
  • 50FH-030-50-3 4.3/10 M/N F (30dB fixed attenuator with 4.3-10 male to N female)

Download the datasheet or the drawing for more information on these attenuators.