Product Showcase

  1. ARC CS4

    An advanced composite formulated to protect concrete surfaces from harsh chemical attack. It is normally applied at a thickness of 250 - 375 microns (10 - 15 mils) per coat in a 2 coat system.

  2. 1622 Low Emissions Valve Packing

    Block valve fugitive emissions are effectively reduced to below consent degree requirements with this high performance valve stem packing from AW Chesterton.

  3. 56 Advanced Dual-Input Analyzer

    The Smart Way to pH
    56 Advanced Input Analyzer - Click here for an informative article on Smart pH!

  4. OPUS® II Technology - A New Innovation For Produced Water And Frac Flowback Treatment

    OPUS® II is a proprietary process for treatment of Produced Water and Frac Flowback from the oil and gas exploration industry. The new innovation is the use of CeraMem® ceramic membranes to streamline the pretreatment processes ahead of the RO and reduce the system footprint. OPUS II can be delivered in modular, containerized units to minimize installation costs. Like the original OPUS technology, OPUS II effectively removes silica, organics, hardness, boron, strontium and particulates. It generates high quality effluent at a high recovery rate, providing clean water for discharge, recycle or reuse.

  5. Elemental Analyzer CHN628 Series Elemental Analysis By Combustion
    By incorporating state-of-the-art hardware and software technology with key improvements in overall instrument performance and reliability, the CHN628 series allows you to achieve rapid and precise results in diverse organic matrices from food to fuels.
  6. FTPA2000-HP460 - Gasoline And Diesel Final Product Blending Analyzer
    On-line Solutions for the Hydrocarbon Processing Industries.
  7. MB3600-CH30 Laboratory Biodiesel Analyzer
    The MB3600-CH30 uses Fourier Transform Near-Infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy to analyze biodiesel samples.
  8. MB3600-HP10 Laboratory Hydrocarbons Analyzer
    The MB3600-HP10 Laboratory Hydrocarbons Analyzer is not only a valuable and reliable laboratory analyzer in its own right; it also allows custom calibration model development for on-line hydrocarbon process optimization.
  9. FTPA2000-HP20 - HF Alkylation Process Acid Analyzer

    An important activity in the optimization of the HF alkylation process is the analysis of re-circulating acid.

  10. Liquid Chromatography High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer Citius LC-HRT
    A liquid chromatography instrument developed to withstand the rigor of modern analytical demands, the Citius provides high-performance mass spectrometer capabilities, including acquisition speed, mass accuracy, isotopic abundance, and dynamic range, all available simultaneously.