SUEZ Hydrocarbon Featured Content

  1. Manage Uncertainty With SUEZ's Turnkey Solutions

    Running a safe, reliable and profitable operation is crucial for refining – especially since a failure in one part of the operation can wreak havoc on the entire refinery. Unplanned downtime and lost production is something refineries cannot afford, especially in today’s competitive market. SUEZ has proudly served the refining industry for more than 50 years, and we’re leading the way in the research and development of chemical solutions to tackle the most complex water and process challenges, as well as tools to help refiners monitor, predict, control and optimize their operation.

  2. SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions Launches Mobile App For Drinking Water And Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators To Track, Monitor And Analyze ZeeWeed Membranes

    SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions recently unveiled a new mobile app, ModuleTrac, for water treatment plant operators to track, monitor and analyze their ZeeWeed ultrafiltration membranes.

  3. InSight APM: Turning Data Into Action Video

    InSight, an Asset Performance Management solution for water professionals, combines advanced data and analytics with industry expertise. Learn more about its range of features for data collection, reporting and analysis.

  4. Integrated Water And Wastewater Treatment Solutions To Support Chemical Manufacturing Challenges

    SUEZ worked with Sasol Chemicals in Lake Charles, Louisiana and their EPC, Fluor, to custom design and supply integrated water and wastewater systems.

  5. SUEZ Ideas To Innovate Water Brochure

    SUEZ provides sustainable, integrated equipment solutions and services to assist industries and municipalities in meeting their water treatment challenges for a wide range of applications: municipal drinking water and wastewater; industrial water and wastewater; and biosolids management. Treatment Solutions draws upon a broad portfolio of technologies such as headworks, separations, biological, biosolids, disinfection, deionization, membranes and evaporators/crystallizers that have demonstrated success at over 10,000 sites in North America.

  6. Reliable Water Treatment Solutions With Minimal Installation Effort

    Oil refineries and petrochemical plants can rely on SUEZ to modularize a complete water treatment package for various applications such as clarification and boiler feedwater. All systems are designed to meet your specific requirements. These customized systems are built remotely, then delivered on site and are ready for start-up.

  7. Meteor® IFAS/MBBR Animation


    Meteor® IFAS/MBBR biological technology is based on proprietary polyethylene biofilm carriers and optimizes mass transfer, biomass density and contaminant removal rates.


  8. Containerized Boiler Feedwater Systems Video

    Containerized boiler feedwater systems by SUEZ are custom designed to meet different requirements for each individual project.  These containerized systems eliminate concerns clients have such as limited space, harsh climate conditions or tight construction schedules. In this video, SUEZ experts discuss the advantages and benefits of containerized systems and how they bring efficiency to the boiler demineralization treatment process.

  9. SuperPulsator® Clarifier Brochure

    The Superpulsator® is a high-rate sludge blanket clarifier combining inclined plate settling, pulsing sludge blanket and solids contact to achieve maximum efficiency.

  10. SUEZ MobilePRO Reverse Osmosis Brochure

    Meeting our customers’ quality and quantity needs utilizing either site-installed equipment or WaterPRO trailer systems.