Supplier News

  1. Sherwin-Williams Now Offers Unlimited Color Matching In ArmorSeal® 1000 HS
    Sherwin-Williams’ ArmorSeal® 1000 HS Epoxy Floor Coating, a heavy-duty interior/exterior floor coating, now has a clear tint base formulation that can be color matched at local stores in unlimited colors.
  2. ABB Analyzers Bring Speed And Precision To Gasoline Blending For Bahrain Petroleum

    The ABB FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) analyzer is at the heart of a new blend property control system that was commissioned in November 2008 at the 250,000 barrel a day oil refinery of Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) in the Middle East

  3. Sherwin-Williams Introduces Tile-Clad® High Solids Mildew Resistant Epoxy- Polyamide
    Sherwin-Williams has introduced Tile-Clad® High Solids Mildew Resistant epoxy, an industrial coating that protects against mildew growth on exterior surfaces of fuel storage tanks.
  4. Trimble Introduces GIS-Based Office And Handheld Asset Maintenance Inspection Solution For Utilities
    Trimble introduced recently a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based office and handheld asset maintenance inspection solution for utilities. The solution is comprised of two new products: the Trimble® UtilityCenter® Field Inspector software for handhelds and the Trimble UtilityCenter Maintenance-2 module.
  5. Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services Selected For Jet Fuel Wet Treating Technology
    Samsung Total Petrochemicals Co., Ltd. selected Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services’ technologies for its heavy-ends by-product upgrade project. Merichem will supply its NAPFINING MERICAT II and AQUAFINING technologies to caustic and water treat 15,000 BPSD of jet fuel in order to meet internationally accepted jet fuel specifications.
  6. Green Earth, Inc. Announces 'Green Machine' — Energy-Saving Solutions For Industry
    Green Earth, Inc. is an environmental company taking up the challenge of ‘greener industry’ for the 21st century. After attending the 2009 Renewable Energy Summit, Ms. Diane Zak, CEO of Green Earth Inc., recognized that incentive money is available for companies who want to lower their energy costs by reducing energy usage.
  7. Siemens’ New Pulsed-Bed Walnut Shell Filter Offers Small Footprint For Offshore Oil/Water Separation Applications
    Siemens Water Technologies announces a new, compact walnut shell filter for offshore oil and gas applications. The proprietary filter design requires no moving equipment to perform backwashes, and greatly reduces the volume of backwash water produced when compared to other walnut shell filter designs.
  8. Sherwin-Williams Announces Protective & Marine Coatings
    Sherwin-Williams has announced the newly named Protective & Marine Coatings. Formerly Sherwin-Williams Industrial & Marine Coatings, the new Protective & Marine Coatings group will continue to serve markets including water and wastewater, petrochemical, food and beverage, power, marine and offshore, pharmaceuticals, health care, roads and bridges, steel fabrication, industrial flooring, rail, pulp and paper, and general industrial.
  9. Brother® Appoints David Crist As Regional Vice President Of Sales (USA), Mobile & Label Printer Group
    Brother International Corporation recently announced that David Crist has been appointed Regional Vice President of the Brother Mobile & Label Printer group (USA).
  10. Quest Technologies Introduces The Verifier STI-PA Speech Intelligibility Meter
    Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is pleased to introduce the Verifier, a special type of sound level meter which offers simplified methodology for measurement of speech intelligibility STI-PA (Speech Transmission Index-Public Address), to ensure voice actuated fire alarms, mass communications and PA systems are clearly heard and understood in an emergency.