Supplier News

  1. TUPRAS Selects Merichem Technologies For Jet Fuel And Spent Caustic Treatment At Izmir Refinery
    Turkish Petroleum Refining Corporation (TUPRAS) has selected Merichem Company (Merichem) to provide multiple technologies for the treatment of kerosene/jet fuel as well as technology for on-site treatment of associated spent caustic at the company’s Izmir refinery.
  2. Merichem Company Launches New Website Focused On Global Hydrocarbon Technology Innovation, Customer Solutions
    As a major component of Merichem Company’s relaunch as a worldwide technologies-solution partner to the hydrocarbon industries and others, the company also has relaunched its website,, to provide easy access to a broad range of innovative products and services.
  3. New Brochure Describes Torbar Self-Averaging Pitot Tubes From ABB
    Eight-page, full color, illustrated brochure from ABB describes Torbar averaging pitot tubes as an economical flowmetering solution for gases, liquids, and steam. According to the brochure, the Torbar is a multiport self-averaging pitot tube of classic design.
  4. REFICAR Selects Merichem Technologies For Treatment Of LPG, Jet Fuel, And Spent Caustic
    Refineria de Cartagena S. A. (REFICAR) has selected Merichem Company (Merichem) to provide multiple technologies for treatment of hydrocarbons and spent caustic at its refinery in Cartagena, Colombia.
  5. New ABB Brochure Highlights Measurement Products

    Sixteen-page full-color brochure from ABB overviews measurement solutions worldwide. The brochure begins by citing ABB as a partner with a strong reputation for having the best research, technology, reliability, and service in the business.

  6. ABB Introduces New Optimized Pressure Transmitter Family

    ABB launches a breakthrough pressure transmitter platform as an addition to the 2600T family. The new 266 series combines modern electronic pressure measurement with ABB’s unique HMI in one common product series, providing base accuracy from ±0.025% to ±0.06%.

  7. Baseline-MOCON Releases The Most Inexpensive Portable Toxic Gas Detector With A PID At AIHce’10
    Baseline®-MOCON®, Inc., a subsidiary of MOCON® has launched the VOC-TRAQ USB Toxic Gas Detector at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo (AIHce), May 24-26, 2010, Denver.
  8. PetroChina Selects Siemens Wet Air Oxidation Technology For Wastewater Treatment At New Ethylene Facility
    Siemens Water Technologies will provide Zimpro wet air oxidation technology to treat wastewater at PetroChina Company Limited’s (PetroChina) Daqing ethylene plant projects in Heilongjiang Province, China.
  9. The Edge eg5 Model Now Has Intrinsic Safety Approvals From MSHA, SIRA (ATEX), CSA And Simtars (IECEx)
    Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is pleased to announce that The Edge eg5 model now has Intrinsic Safety approvals from MSHA, SIRA (ATEX), CSA (US and Canada), and Simtars (IECEx) for use in potentially hazardous environments such as mines, petrochemical sites, and manufacturing facilities.
  10. Siemens To Supply One Of Brazil’s Largest Refineries With Wastewater Reuse Solution
    Siemens Water Technologies is working with Centroprojekt do Brasil S/A to supply an integrated wastewater technology solution to the Presidente Getulio Vargas Refinery (Repar) in Araucaria, Parana State, Brazil.