Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Sonic Cleaner
    The Infrafone sonic cleaning device utilizes low frequency sound energy as a medium for the cleaning of air preheaters, economizers, refinery CO boilers and other applications
  2. Stedair Flares
    The Stedair flare employs a simplified steam delivery system in conjunction with a special shroud for noise control
  3. Temperature Transmitters
    The Series 5900 temperature transmitters offer accurate temperature measurement and enhanced reliability.
  4. Models 8000 / 8100 Btu / CV Transmitter
    The Model 8000/8100 Btu/CV Transmitter is designed to sample natural gas, determine its composition and store this and other information pertinent to natural gas quality
  5. Support for Corporate Management
    Beacon combines its medical expertise with understanding of the corporate environment to support the client’s various internal operations
  6. Activated-carbon Tester
    The activated carbon (AC) test apparatus is based on measuring adsorption heat.
  7. Frequency Response Analyzer
    The 1270 VXI Frequency Response Analyzer is a “C” sized instrument on a card, suitable for use in “D” size racks with adapters...
  8. WTR Series
    The WTR Series Worm Gearboxes are designed to operate butterfly, ball and plug valves, or other devices requiring 90 degree operation
  9. Fixed Monitoring System
    With more than 30 different sensors to choose from, the Controller 8000 fixed monitoring system can be configured to meet most monitoring needs
  10. Piping
    Compliance with ASME/ANSI B31 requirements