Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. WATERTRAK™ Centrifugal Pump Skid
    The pumps can be controlled by either storage tank level sensor or the main control panel. Our control engineers can work with you to find the most appropriate standard panel to fit your needs
  2. Heat Exchanger
    Reactive Metal Heat Exchangers feature corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 200°C, low pressure drops, and a welded design
  3. Sieve Bends
    We've solved the problem of blinding of the screen by designing and building a line of screen sieve bends using wires as narrow as 0.020"
  4. Plant Management System
    MMS-OnTarget! gives plant operations staff the ability to set up operating limits for a process unit
  5. Meteor Filter Media
    Meteor is a filter medium comprised of an extremely stable scrim constructed of a mineralic basalt.
  6. Water Well Level Monitor Features Smart RF Technology
    A new line of Smart CheckWell Level Monitors for efficient groundwater management has just been announced...
  7. Environmental Protection
    Sabin’s environmental protection/conservation policies are vital for their continued success as well as their customers' protection. Sabin's 500,000 square foot refinery in Scottsville, NY, is considered to be a sophisticated facility for safely processing precious metal bearing materials...
  8. Steam Scrubber Sanitary Steam Filter
    The Steam Scrubber line of Steam Filters are designed to meet the exacting requirements of sanitary and culinary steam lines by removing any rust or particulate matter from the steam.
  9. Zebra® RW Series™ Mobile Printer
    Designed for the Road Warrior, the Zebra RW 420™ is a mobile printer ideal for printing delivery receipts and invoices on the go.
  10. Electrical Measurement System
    DTS is a family of digital products which provides the full spectrum of instantaneous and integrated electrical measurement parameters, i.e. Watt, VAr, VA, voltage current, frequency, power factor, kWh, kVArh and KVAh.