Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. ProTech Labyrinth Seals
    ProTech labyrinth seals are designed to address the problems seal users faced with earlier labyrinth seals that had limited application due to high cost, complex design, and metal-to-metal interfaces
  2. Opti-Check™ Optically Activated Pigments
    Holidays. Pinholes. Imperfections. Whatever you call them the results are always the same—catastrophic.
  3. Pentair Dualsep™

    Two efficient filter elements joined together on one core make up DualSep™. Compax®, a proven industry leader in particulate filtration with more surface area than its competitors and APEX®, the tapered coalescing element which keeps annular velocities constant across the entire height of the element. The annular space on the outside of APEX® gradually increases from the bottom to top of the element, keeping pace with the external gas flow as it exited the element.

  4. Profile Bar Screens
    Profile Bar Screens are used for jobs that are too punishing for welded screens
  5. 1066 Liquid Analytical Transmitter

    This loop-powered analytical unit serves industrial, commercial and municipal applications with the widest range of liquid measurement inputs available for a two-wire liquid transmitter.

  6. Fluke 718 Pressure Calibrator
    The Fluke 718 provides the total solution for process instrument technicians to accurately and powerfully test and calibrate pressure transmitters
  7. Bottles, Caps and Septas
    Texas Sampling, Inc. carries a broad range of Bottles, Caps and Septas
  8. Gas Chromatograph System Electronics
    The Advance Maxum gas chromatograph system has been enhanced with new modular electronics.
  9. UL Day Tanks
    A two hour fire protected day tank as tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories.
  10. Electronic Pilot Ignition System
    The KEP-100 electronic pilot ignition system unites flare tips with high technology ignition equipment for both new construction and the retrofitting of present systems