Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Free Float Steam Trap
    CHEM SHOW ’99: The NFT650 Series Free Float Steam Trap features a technology designed for the petrochemical market and is suitable for process applications that use a modulating control valve such as heat exchangers or reboilers.
  2. Digester Gas Control Systems
    Groth Corporation provides a complete line of equipment for the gas control
  3. Lubricants Training
    Courses offered in the "Lubricants" area include:
  4. Custom and Standard Bushings
    GRAPHALLOY ® Bushings are available in over 100 grades of material
  5. 4100 Series of Gas Alarms
    4100 series of gas alarms is designed for a multitude of applications
  6. Distillation Towers
    Safety, quality, and schedule performance make us industry leaders in this important specialty business
  7. Thermal Relief Valve
    The company offers a new thermal relief valve for cryogenic applications.
  8. Fixed Gas Detector Calibration Kits

    All gas sensors must be calibrated to on-site environmental conditions once installation is complete. Net Safety Monitoring gas sensors are calibrated to factory conditions before shipment to verify operation but accurate response to gas must be again be verified prior to using the device. Regular checks and calibrations are also essential to ensure that the detectors are ready to respond at all times. Net Safety Calibration Kits do not come with gas cylinders, they must be ordered separately.

  9. Versa Gauge StainlessSteel Case Liquid Fillable
    A high quality stainless steel case gauge with a bayonet bezel, completely repairable
  10. SmartRadar LT Radar Level Gauge
    The SmartRadar LT is based on the SmartRadar gauge, there have been a number of innovations, based on new technological developments, introduced into the design