Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Pressure Transmitter
    The Cerabar M Pressure Transmitter comes in response to increasing market demands for a mid-range pressure transmitter with advanced features.
  2. Contract Compression
    Dresser-Rand is positioned to provide the up-front financing for complex compression projects
  3. PreMax

    The PreMax is an alternative for high-speed pre-mixing prior to downstream processing such as media milling

  4. Dielectric Interface
    The 1296 Dielectric Interface analyzes low conductivity, low loss materials to give fast, accurate, and repeatable impedance measurements over 12 decades of frequency, yielding valuable insights into the characteristics of a wide range of materials, including polymers, rubber, wood, adhesives, electronic components, waxes, and oils...
  5. Lift Check Valves
    Newman's offers a complete line of forged "Safe-O-Seal" valves from 2 to 24 NPS in Class 600, 900, 1500 and 2500.
  6. Ash Drag Conveyors
    Ehrsam Submerged Ash Drag Conveyors (SDC's) collect, cool, convey and de-water hot bottom ash from industrial, circulating fluidized-bed and utility boilers and incinerators
  7. Hastelloy Level Sensor
    The new Hastelloy level sensor combines the durability of the manufacturer’s resistance-tape technology with the
  8. MultiPro - Heat Treat
    The MultiPro adds a graphical LCD display and easy-to-use operator features to the DualPro
  9. Photovac Snapshot Hand-Held BTEX Air Analyzer
    The SnapShot Hand-Held BTEX Air Analyzer identifies and quantifies specific groups of compounds
  10. Condensate Polishing Systems

    Condensate polishers are used to maintain a proper quality of water by removing impurities from return Condensate, and are custom engineered and manufactured in accordance with industry codes and owner's specific requirements.