Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Pentair TORUS®

    The use of a toroidal inlet manifold allows uniform distribution of the inlet fluid in the vessel, maximizing even distribution of entrained contaminant across the filter elements for optimal filter element use and minimizing inhomogeneous flow distribution, turbulence or high local flow velocities. When coupled with the V-MAX element technology, the TORUS vessel provides significantly greater filtration capacity than a conventional bag filter device in a smaller vessel design.

  2. Nitrogen Generation On-Site Plants
    Nitroswing Psa Nitrogen Generation On-Site Plants provide high-purity, high-volume nitrogen for applications such as small- to medium-sized steel mills...
  3. Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve
    Model 1200A Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve is designed to protect your tank from damage created by over-pressure or excessive vacuum
  4. OPUS® II Technology - A New Innovation For Produced Water And Frac Flowback Treatment

    OPUS® II is a proprietary process for treatment of Produced Water and Frac Flowback from the oil and gas exploration industry. The new innovation is the use of CeraMem® ceramic membranes to streamline the pretreatment processes ahead of the RO and reduce the system footprint. OPUS II can be delivered in modular, containerized units to minimize installation costs. Like the original OPUS technology, OPUS II effectively removes silica, organics, hardness, boron, strontium and particulates. It generates high quality effluent at a high recovery rate, providing clean water for discharge, recycle or reuse.

  5. Lift Check Valves
    Newman's offers a complete line of forged "Safe-O-Seal" valves from 2 to 24 NPS in Class 600, 900, 1500 and 2500.
  6. Perforated Metal
    MarCo Specialty Steel is your prime source for "in stock" Perforated Metal
  7. Hydraulic Hand Gun
    The Sealweld Hydraulic Hand Gun features a unique locking handle to prevent pump piston damage
  8. Commercial Management Of Refining Training
    Courses offered in the "Commercial Management of Refining" area include:
  9. Detonation/Flame Arrestors
    Detonation Arrestors deflecting baffle detonation breakers put the brakes on sonic and supersonic velocity detonation waves.
  10. Thin Web Server
    The CyberSerial is a thin Internet application server for directly accessing serial information across the Internet.