Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Color-coded Pipe
    Driscopipe ® Prisma TM is offered in blue for water lines and green for ...
  2. Puck 4X Monitor
    Puck 4X is a puck position, corrosion resistant monitor features high impact resin enclosure that mounts directly to an ISO/NAMUR valve actuator...
  3. I/A Series NMR
    Advanced NMR provides low-risk solutions for analytical requirements
  4. Prefabricated Modular Structures
    The Modl 422FSMC prefabricated modular structures are designed for use as a fuel component testing laboratory.
  5. Polish Rods
    Tri-alta manufactures and stocks a full line of Polish Rods for any application in 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" diameters from 22' to 36' lengths
  6. Pipeline Leak Detection
    Siemens leak detection systems use mass balance technology. A patented thermal model computes and corrects for liquid expansion due to pipeline temperature or pressure changes
  7. Dielectric Interface
    The 1296 Dielectric Interface analyzes low conductivity, low loss materials to give fast, accurate, and repeatable impedance measurements over 12 decades of frequency, yielding valuable insights into the characteristics of a wide range of materials, including polymers, rubber, wood, adhesives, electronic components, waxes, and oils...
  8. ARC-MET 930
    With its introduction in 1991, the Metorex's ARC-MET 900 represented a radical departure from the conventional design
  9. CO2 Detector
    Bacharach, Inc. introduces the new Bacharach C02 monitor detecting and warning device
  10. West Instruments
    Temperature Controllers, Programmable and High/Low/Limit, Limit Controllers UL Recognized, cUL Certified for Canada, CE Compliant