Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Series MBV Modular Ball Valves
    The MBV ball valve has a modular construction that allows use of various polymeric or metal seats to accommodate changing process conditions
  2. Four-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
    The 505-4200 series two-wire Universal Sonic level transmitter offers all the features and performance of a four-wire transmitter in a two-wire design.
  3. Analogue Input Module
    This 1771sc-IFE32 analog input module offers 32 channels of single-ended current or voltage input or 16 channels of differential analog input...
  4. Water Level Gauge (Aquatape)
    Aquatape is a water level gauge that offers optional temperature monitoring
  5. Process and Wastewater Treatment

    The treatment of process water can have a substantial and serious impact on a facility’s bottom line results in the short term as well as over the life of the equipment.

  6. Zircon Level Sensing System
    The Zircon uses RF capacitance technology to measure point level in highly viscous or sticky liquids, bulk solids, moisturized powders, and slurries
  7. Mixer Emulsifier

    The 410-X mixer emulsifier allows processors to take advantage of the company's X-Series rotor/stator technology in laboratory and small-volume production applications

  8. AccuTrak VPE-1000 Ultrasonic Test Tool
    Low cost ultrasonic test tool
  9. Valve Actuator
    The company’s new manPOWER series of rotary valve actuators provides direct mounted, compact, powerful fail-safe spring return automation for a wide range of quarter turn valves.
  10. Atomizers / Sprayers
    Dual-stage sprayers, mechanical and steam, for air or gas atomization -- and ultra-efficient combustion of oil or heavy-sludges -- in refinery and chemical plant furnaces, rotary kiln dryers, steam and oil-gas generators, etc.