Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Packaged Systems
    Boilers & Steam Generators are efficient energy management systems constructed of carbon or stainless steel with fiberglass insulation
  2. Pipeline Pig Tracking
    The Directional Geo-Phone is a means by which field personnel can track a pipeline pig
  3. Pentair Single UltiSep®

    The new series of the UltiSep family is designed with Compressor Packagers in mind. This new design offers packagers an improved option when it comes to their fuel gas needs. With this new Single UltiSep, end users are getting high performance filtration at a very competitive cost! The Single UltiSep series is designed to handle both particulates and liquids at high efficiencies, protecting compressor packages from failure due to feed contaminants.

  4. Ceramic Random Packing
    Ceramic Novalox saddles are a traditional packing shape produced from porcelain or stoneware.
  5. Models 6410 / 6413 Orifice Flow Computers
    The Model 6400 Flow Computer Units are specifically designed for installations where features and low cost are of concern
  6. Cast-In Component Heaters
    Cast-in heaters are custom designed for contour and multi-plane, clamp-on applications
  7. ARC S7
    ARC S7 is a low VOC, epoxy novolac vinyl ester based coating intended for high temperature exposures in chemically aggressive applications where the risk for thermal cycling may be present.
  8. WATERTRAK™ Mixed Bed
    Mixed Bed deionizers are quite superior to two column deionizers in terms of the water quality they produce. As water passes through the mixed bed it has millions of chances to contact a cation bead, then an anion, then another cation and so on
  9. Water/Wastewater Treatment Screens
    Demineralization, softening, filtration and ion exchange are common processes in water/wastewater treatment where Johnson screens are used
  10. Ultrasonic Mass Flow Measurement System
    A Bundle Waveguide Technology system gives drift-free, obstructionless flow measurement of the most difficult liquids, gases and steam.