Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Ejector Venturi Scrubber
    The Ejector Venturi Scrubber has gained wide acceptance commercially and industrially as an efficient and low cost means of air pollution control.
  2. SCM 3000 Plus Smart Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
    This new device measures mass, volume, density, temperature, totalized mass flow and percent solids
  3. Steam & Fluid Control Designer's Guide
    The "Steam & Fluid Control Designer's Guide" is a new reference publication that addresses designing, specifying and purchasing systems for steam, condensate and fluid handling...
  4. Mid Infrared Spectrometer
    The world’s fastest and only currently available imaging spectrometer in the mid infrared region for Online Process Control
  5. Thermodynamic & Thermostatic Steam Traps
    CHEM SHOW ’99: The S650/N650 Series Thermodynamic and Thermostatic Traps are designed for medium pressure service and feature forged steel, y-patterned bodies.
  6. IndustryPack Carrier Card
    The company’s AVME9670 is a non-intelligent slave board that interfaces four IndustryPack (IP) I/O modules to the VMEbus.
  7. Level Gauge for Chemicals (Chemtape)
    The Chemtape gauging system is designed for monitoring above or below ground storage tanks that are at or near atmospheric pressure
  8. SuperPulsator® Clarifier

    The Superpulsator® is a high-rate sludge blanket clarifier combining inclined plate settling, pulsing sludge blanket and solids contact to achieve maximum efficiency.

  9. Cascade Bio-Rings
    Jaeger Cascade Bio-Rings are used by wastewater facilities with biological filters.
    CAEPIPE is an integrated system of software that performs linear and non-linear static and dynamic analyses, and design of three dimensional piping systems in accordance with ANSI B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.5, B31.8, BS 806, Canadian (Z183 and Z184), RCC-M, SNCT, Norwegian, Swedish, Stoomwezen, ASME Section III Classes 2 and 3 codes