Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Opti-Check™ Optically Activated Pigments
    Holidays. Pinholes. Imperfections. Whatever you call them the results are always the same—catastrophic.
  2. TEL-FAST 2: A Pocket-Sized, Non-Contact Temperature Sensor
    The Tel-Fast 2 is a low-cost, non-contact, infrared thermometer that enables you to measure surface temperature without physically touching the item being checked...
  3. Dual Test Measure Cart
    The company’s Dual Test Measure Cart easily transports up to two full 5 gallon or 20 liter test measures.
  4. On-Site Nitrogen Generator
    The HPMB 6500 Series are skid-mounted, stand-alone nitrogen generators that use membrane technology to provide uninterrupted supply of gaseous nitrogen...
  5. Heavy-Duty Metering Pumps
    The EV-2 and EV-3 metering pumps feature a special, heavy-duty design capable of handling all high-pressure chemical, viscous and slurry services.
  6. PI-PE (Server)
    The Performance Equations module allows the user to implement sophisticated on-line calculations without having to program in high-level languages.
  7. Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve
    Model 1200A Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve is designed to protect your tank from damage created by over-pressure or excessive vacuum
  8. ISA: Microprocessor-Based Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer
    The XMTC Microprocessor-Based Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer is a rugged, 24-VDC powered, NEMA 4X and/or NEMA 7 transmitter that provides a 4-20 mA isolated output...
  9. Non-Ferrous BiRotor Meter
    This compact, non-ferrous BiRotor meter is available in a variety of flange configurations permitting versatility in any piping arrangement
  10. Downstream Logistics & DistributionTraining
    Courses offered in the "Downstream Logistics & Distribution" area include: