Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Training
    Pele-Sol Engineered Solutions provides its clients with complete, end-to-end support and training for system administration, instruction materials and software
  2. SmartPlant Explorer 3.0
    The 3.0 version of the SmartPlant Explorer is a Web-based data access and reporting software for the process plant life cycle.
  3. Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve with Pipe-Away Feature
    Model 1220A Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve with Pipe-Away Feature is used for pressure and vacuum relief where
  4. Gas Barrier Seal
    The GX-200 gas barrier seal offers zero emissions and is specifically engineered to fit standard or small bore seal chambers without requiring pump modifications
  5. INtools Engineering Software
    The INtools instrumentation design and engineering software suite includes integrated modules for instrument indexes, specifications, process data, calculation, wiring, loop drawings, hook-ups, calibration and maintenance...
  6. Mini Flowmeter Series
    The Hoffer Mini Flowmeter Series of Low Flow Measuring devices has been developed
  7. WATERTRAK™ Centrifugal Pump Skid
    The pumps can be controlled by either storage tank level sensor or the main control panel. Our control engineers can work with you to find the most appropriate standard panel to fit your needs
  8. In-Line Sampling Valve
    CHEM SHOW '99: The Richter PA Sampling Valve is utilized in corrosive chemical service and high-purity media.
  9. Stroke-to-GO Cylinder Switches
    Stroke-to-GO Cylinder highly durable switches provide accurate end-of-stroke position indication on pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders...
  10. Tower Filter Press
    This Automatic Tower Filter Press is fully automated with no operator needed...