Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Infrared Gas Detector
    Foxboro's Simrad GD10 is an infrared point detector for use in flammable gas applications, oil drilling and waste disposal facilities
  2. Tank Blanketing Regulators
    Tank blanketing is a process used to maintain a gas blanket in the vapor space of a pressure-tight liquid storage vessel.
  3. T-MAC - Terminal Management and Control
    T-MAC supports all requirements for efficient management, automation and control of a terminal based on standardized hardware and software
  4. Information Management Solution
    Advant Enterprise Historian provides manufacturers with unparalleled access to plant-wide and corporate-wide data from business, production and control systems
  5. Pleated Backwash Filters
    Septra backwash filters provide removal of contaminants from liquid process streams using fewer filter elements and a compact system than is typically required in water and chemical process applications
  6. Dynamic Probe
    The Dynamic Probe smart analyzer combines multiple instruments into one intelligent transmitter package reducing locations, wiring, and set-up of separate instruments.
  7. Materials Test System
    The 1260/1296 Materials Test System allows users to make impedance measurements which exceed 100 ohms, measure conductivity down to 0.1 pMho, and make accurate tan delta measurements down to 0.0001 over a frequency range from 10 microHz to 10 MHz...
  8. 3FM High Performance Filtration System
    3FM (Flexible Fiber Filter Module) is the next generation, ultra-compact filtration system that can be substituted for conventional solid-liquid separation methods such as coagulation, settling, and standard filtration. This system is ideal for suspended solids removal in industrial and agricultural effluent, tertiary treatment of wastewater, cooling tower recycle, and process water for reuse.
  9. Structured Packing
    Flexeramic & Reg structured ceramic packing is a new, advanced development in ceramic tower packing that provides higher capacity, lower pressure drop, and better efficiency.
  10. Conax
    Conax Buffalo is a manufacturer of Temperature Sensors and Assemblies, Pressure Vacuum Sealing Glands, Thermowells, Temperature Transmitters