Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Free Float Steam Trap
    CHEM SHOW ’99: The NFT650 Series Free Float Steam Trap features a technology designed for the petrochemical market and is suitable for process applications that use a modulating control valve such as heat exchangers or reboilers.
  2. Project Management
    The Project Management group can serve as both the Client's representative and C&I's on the project
  3. Temperature Transmitter
    Honeywell's STT250 is a compact, smart temperature transmitter that offers the choice of either Honeywell's digitally enhanced (DE) or HART communication protocols
  4. Natural Gas Training
    The Oxford Princeton Programme offers courses such as Overview of the Natural Gas Industry (ONG) - web-based training
  5. Millennium ST Toxic Gas Detector

    Net Safety's Millennium ST Series of toxic gas detectors utilize electrochemical sensing technology to continuously monitor your site for a wide range of toxic gas types. The Millennium ST is fast , accurate, and requires only periodic calibration and maintenance with a typical sensor life of 3–5 years.

  6. High Hat Style Funnels
    The Model 3 funnel features five gallon capacity, galvanized steel construction, and a spark resistant rigid seamless copper spout.
  7. 50 KHz Counter/Flowmeter Input Module
    The 50KHz Counter/Flowmeter input model designed specifically for the Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC is available in two configurations.
  8. Water Well Level Monitor Features Smart RF Technology
    A new line of Smart CheckWell Level Monitors for efficient groundwater management has just been announced...
  9. Laboratory Thermometers
    Specifications for the company's 1 3/4 in., 2 in., and 3 in. Testing and General Purpose Thermometers.
  10. Cast Iron Safety Valves
    The line of flanged cast iron safety valves is designed for use with steam, air, and gas systems.