Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Pilot / Ignitor Design
    If a flare cannot be ignited reliably and a stable flame maintained at all times to burn a waste gas or offgas, it is not have a flare, it is a vent pipe- where heavy unburned hydrocarbons and other combustible gases can descend to grade level and become ignited to produce a flashback, a fire, and possibly a catastrophic explosion.
  2. Oil Analysis Service
    Enlab is a laboratory analysis service to meet the challenges of keeping a plant running smoothly and efficiently.
  3. Pipline Engineering Design
    Pipline Engineering Design
  4. In-Line Sampling Valve
    CHEM SHOW '99: The Richter PA Sampling Valve is utilized in corrosive chemical service and high-purity media.
  5. Scanner 1131 EFM/RTU Flow Computer
    Scanner 1131 features improved computation ability and remote terminal unit (RTU) functionality
  6. Rotary Calciners
    Bartlett-Snow Rotary Calciners are manufactured for the continuous processing of material at high temperatures in an oxidizing, inert or reducing atmosphere
  7. Heavy-Duty Metering Pumps
    The EV-2 and EV-3 metering pumps feature a special, heavy-duty design capable of handling all high-pressure chemical, viscous and slurry services.
  8. Sybase iAnywhere Mobility Platform
    The rapid and enthusiastic adoption of mobile technology in the healthcare industry comes as no surprise. This is an industry that while steeped in tradition, is also driven by discovery and innovation.
  9. PD meter
    Donovan Enterprises, Inc. introduces the PD meter
  10. M21 Transmitter

    The Millennium II (M21) single channel universal transmitters have been engineered from the ground-up to include the innovative features that managers and operators in the field demand, while providing rock solid day-to-day operation, even in the most extreme conditions. The Millennium II redefines what you expect from a fixed gas detection solution.