Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Beta Chemical Metering Pumps
    The beta pump series is a solenoid-driven, diaphragm-type metering pump that is microprocessor based and has external access to options...
  2. Large Display Temperature Meters
    The company offers three Large Display Temperature Meters designed for use in any large, wide open area and hostile or hazardous environment where a large, bright display will contribute to safe operating procedures and productivity enhancements.
  3. Air Pressure Amplifiers
    This company has hydraulic and pneumatic engineering experience in the design and manufacture of a range of high pressure generating equipment and controls
  4. Multi-Stage System
    This multi-stage system is designed for contaminated gas
  5. VORTEX-4 Flowmeter - Model VT/VR
    Flowrates of steam, gases or liquids can be metered with the VORTEX-VT over a wide range, independent of fluid properties
  6. On-Site Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators
    N-Series Nitrogen Generators and T-Series Oxygen Generators offer numerous advantages over cylinder or pipeline-delivered nitrogen: very low gas cost, total autonomy and independence from traditional gas suppliers, and safety due to low gas pressures.
  7. GIA 522
    gas inclusion analyzer for the analysis of micro gas inclusions
  8. PI-ODBC (Integration)
    PI-ODBC extends the reach of the Plant Information (PI) System, enabling a PI System to interoperate with all major, established database systems.
  9. Stainless Steel DP Indicator
    Designed to indicate with ±1%FS accuracy the extremes of very low differential pressures
  10. GAM 300
    process gas mass spectrometer