Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Fuel Quality Training
    Courses offered in the "Fuel Quality" area include:
  2. Packaged Systems
    Boilers & Steam Generators are efficient energy management systems constructed of carbon or stainless steel with fiberglass insulation
  3. Folded Flow® Dissolved Air Flotation Separator

    The Envirex Folded Flow® DAF system’s simple and innovative design “folds” the flow by removing effluent from the same end of the tank as the influent is introduced, resulting in a higher hydraulic loading rate.

  4. PSL Valve Actuators
    The PSL valve actuators are robust, long life tools even at high loadings...
  5. Electronic Catalog
    The Groth Electronic Catalog, allowing access to all catalog information on IBM compatible computers,
  6. Gas Chromatograph System Software
    The Advance Maxum gas chromatograph system uses industry-standard software.
  7. ISA: S7000 Series HIgh Pressure Solenoid Valves
    S7000 High pressure solenoid valves is recommend for applications where dead-tight shutoff is required in pressures up to 6,000 psi...
  8. Mixers
    QEDPlus Mixers are designed for economical performance in a variety of industries including specialty chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and general fluid processing
  9. CRA Turbine Meter
    The CRA Turbine Meter is engineered for use in high pressure systems with a wide range of applications in both corrosive and non-corrosive liquids...
  10. PI-ProcessBook (Client)
    PI-ProcessBook is the premier graphical user interface for the PI System industrial desktop.