Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. Merger and Acquisition Services
    Analysts can assist in evaluation of M&A initiatives, providing market intelligence that is often unavailable to in-house staff
  2. ANSI Magnetically Coupled Centrifugal Pumps
    Magnetically coupled ANSI pumps are engineered to handle demanding applications where sealing leakage, environmental safety and maintenance are a concern...
  3. Steam Flowmeters
    The DigitalFlow GS868 and XGS868 Ultrasonic Steam Flowmeters solve the problems of pressure drop and rangeability found in other flowmeters, reducing operation, installation and maintenance costs.
  4. Permeator Fact Sheet
    ARID’s PERMEATOR gasoline vapor recovery system incorporates hydrocarbon selective membranes developed by GKSS Forschungszentrum Geesthacht GmbH, a federally funded research institute located near Hamburg, Germany
  5. High Pressure Regulator
    The HPR-1 Series Regulator is a versatile specialty pressure reducing control valve designed to fulfill a range of needs in instrumentation sample systems and other applications such as semiconductor processing gases
  6. Instrument Data Manager
    Instrument Data Manager (IDM) is a comprehensive tool for engineering, design, and maintenance of control systems for the plant industry...
  7. HydroSense Oil-in-Water Monitor
    The HydroSense oil-in-water monitor uses a fluorescence technique to detect and monitor ppm levels of hydrocarbons in water
  8. MVX Multivariable Smart Electronic Transmitter
    The new Barton MVX multivariable smart electronic transmitter not only provides process measurement variables
  9. Gasoline
    Streams treated: Gasoline
  10. Infrared Thermography
    The company concentrates on plant process investigations that require infrared thermography and their own specialized knowledge to solve problems that impact the reliability and the performance of fired heaters, FCCU’s, and other high temperature processes.