Hydrocarbon Product Showcase

  1. WATERTRAK™ Light Industrial Reverse Osmosis
    The LRL Series is a truly engineered system. From pretreatment through RO tank level and posttreatment, the LRL RO family becomes a “system” by simply activating standard features.
  2. TaskMaster
    The company offers their TaskMaster for Calibration Management, which utilizes software and hand-held computers to improve the accuracy and productivity of instrument inspection and maintenance personnel, and ensures compliance with regulatory and quality assurance requirements.
  3. Steam Jet Syphons
    Jet Syphons use steam or other gas as the motive force to pump, heat and mix liquids and handle slurries and granular solids.
  4. Beta Chemical Metering Pumps
    The beta pump series is a solenoid-driven, diaphragm-type metering pump that is microprocessor based and has external access to options...
  5. Valves
    Designed specifically for use when tapping and plugging a line, the SANDWICH Tapping Valve gets its name from its 3-slab construction
  6. Tank Protection Catalog
    Groth Corp. offers a free 270-page catalog that includes
  7. RP&C Class 1500 Globe Valves
    The RP&C Class 1500 forged steel globe valves are capable of delivering extended service under severe pressure and temperature conditions.
  8. Modular Heat Exchangers
    Heat exchangers in the Hairpin line are modular, with individual sections arranged in series, parallel, or series-parallel combinations
  9. AM54 Armored Variable Area Flowmeter
    AM54 Armored Variable Area Flowmeter features modular-designed round converter housing that meets the requirements of the IP 67 standard...
  10. Moisture Sensors
    The Moisture Log is a tiny vest pocket Hygrometer which requires no main power, no connecting wires and no calibration.